Why is Regal American Homes’ home building process half the time of the average homebuilder?

The Regal American Homes team works seven days a week on all of our projects. We are the preferred builder for all of our sub-contractors because of our efficiency and upfront payment. Our scheduling is highly efficient and in many cases, there are three to six different trades working on a home at the same time to maximize efficiency.

What is the difference between your quality and the quality of other homebuilders?

At Regal American Homes, we have very high standards of quality, from using extra protection with underground plumbing, to the high grade concrete used, to two coated foam insulation. Many of the options we provide our homeowners are not offered by other builders, such as scorpion sealing protection.

Where are the hidden costs of building a home?

Before we sign with our homeowners, we educate them about costs and upcharges. We ensure that the homeowners know what they want in a home before beginning the construction process, so there are no surprises. In an event of order changes, the homeowner pays our invoice. We do not profit from upcharges. Most of our homeowners will end up with very minimal change orders due to a very thorough research process with our builder, designer, and architect before beginning the construction stage.  

What is your architecture and attention to detail?

At Regal American Homes, we use worldly architecture which adds a new and timeless motif to our homes. Our goal is to build homes that will look new in five, ten, and even thirty years down the road. The way we do so is by emphasizing a timeless style, although we build contemporary style homes as well. Regal American Homes places our attention on the details of each aspect of the homes we build. We make sure the home is not merely a home on a lot, but rather, we  maximize viewing to build according to the views. We incorporate the front and backyards to make them a part of the homes.

How do we communicate with the builder?

Regal American Homes uses a software program that provides daily updates. A video is uploaded one to two times a week that shows the progress of the home. This program helps our homeowners see the details of the home, estimated time of finishing, and more. Additionally, all homeowners have a 24/7 line to our builder for and questions or comments they may have. We
have bi-monthly meetings with our homeowners, although some meet weekly with our builder. At Regal American Homes, the homeowner is part of the building process and is educated about each step.

What is the warranty after the home is sold?  

When the home is sold, our builder and construction manager walk through the entire home with the homeowner. Regal American Homes provides a two year warranty. Any questions or problems that may occur are addressed that same day, even after the home is sold.